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"watch out for hop ons"

"watch out for hop ons"

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BAHAHAHAHA what episode is this?!

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Cut to me crying in the shower…. 

Cut to me crying in the shower…. 

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How I feel talking to other med students…

annnd it’s 2 days before my mid-sem exam

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August 20, 2014
So cute!!!!

So cute!!!!

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You want a nose job? Sounds a little kinky but ill give it a go

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I finally got around to watching the last few episodes of How I Met Your Mother and WOW, I thought the ending was perfect!!

Barney & Robin’s relationship does last for a while, but finally the person who Barney finally devotes himself to genuinely is his daughter, Ted ends up with Tracey, but finally ends up with Robin. And I think that really says something about second chances. Because after Tracey’s boyfriend died she didn’t think she deserved to find a love like that again, but she did, just like how after she died, Ted got another chance with Robin. 

I don’t think the writers could’ve come up with a more perfect ending!